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Step 3 – Investment PROFILE

Our commitment to Legendary Restaurant Brands franchisees and partners is to help them prosper in the casual dining industry. Our Legendary support team will provide the tools necessary for growth and success with all our brands.  And together, we will continue to revive the passion and history of success of our iconic brands!


  • $200,000 Minimum Cash Liquidity
  • Previous Retail or Restaurant Experience Preferred

Fees: $50,000 Initial Franchise Fee
Build-out investment: Excluding land, approximately $220-$275/sq ft
Royalties: 5% of gross sales
Production/Marketing Fund: 1% of gross sales


Your initial investment depends on real estate values in your local market. Please click “Next Step” below to discover our Target Markets!

David Cutbirth

With the deep and strong emotional connections to Bennigan’s, there is built-in demand for their signature menu items, and friendly Irish hospitality. As soon as we opened our doors, we had outstanding sales from day one making it a can’t miss combination for compelling returns on investment. 

Franchisee in Texas

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